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01/05/2016:  Fleet changes

Dear pilots,

We have made some changes in our fleet today.

Most notably, the CASA C295M have been retired as they were never used and not part of the original Aircess fleet.

We have acquired two more Antonov AN-12's and more more Hercules C130.

In addition to this, we have saved three old Boeing 747 freighters from the claws of the scrappers: their registrations are TF-ARH, TF-ARM, and TF-ARN. 

I hope you like these additions and look forward to your upcoming flights.


With kind regards,


Mike Bravo

21/07/2015:  Three new airports

Dear pilots and visitors!


Aircess is proud to announce the addition of three new airports to our operations network.

1. Leipzig/Halle (EDDP)

Leipzig, in the east of Germany, is a maintenance hub for antonov airlines, and AN124's can be sighted there regularly. 

2. Manizales, Colombia


Manizales is one of the most difficult approaches in Colombia. Watch this video and try it yourself:


3. Pasto, Colombia

Pasto is also very difficult due to its surrounding terrain and frequent strong crosswinds.

Here's another cockpit video to wet your appetite :)



I hope you all enjoy the new airports. Keep hauling!




Mike Bravo

24/05/2015:  Three new airports in CIS

Dear pilots,


We are proud to announce three new airports, all in the former soviet union (CIS)

  • Yerevan, Armenia (UDYZ)
  • Ashgabat, Turkmenistan (UTAA)
  • Nakhchivan, Azerbaijan (UBBN)

We hope you enjoy the new additions to our network!

with kind regards,

Mike Bravo

01/05/2015:  Three new aircraft

Dear pilots, dear visitors,

In order to diversify and upgrade our fleet, we have acquired 3 aircraft from a boneyard in Arizona, touched them up a bit and flown them to the nearest airport: Las Vegas. 

Somewhere in a quiet corner of the platform these three aircraft are now waiting to be flown, by you, to some place around the globe:

  • McDonnell-Douglas DC-10-30F
  • McDonnell-Douglas MD11
  • Boeing 757 Freighter

We hope you'll take them out for a spin in the near future! 

with kind regards,

Mike Bravo

27/02/2014:  Bush flying in the Andes!

Aircess has widened it's operations in South America by adding a number of destinations in the Andes. You can now fly to 17 new airports in Peru, Bolivia, Colombia and Argentina. Most of these airports have either very short runways, are located at very high altitude (FL100 and above) or a combination of these two. Most of these have a soft runway surface like sand, grass or clay. This should give you a run for your money in even the smallest aircraft. Currently in range of these airports is a Let L410, an Antonov AN32 (bith in Bogota), two Casa C295 (Cayman and Galapagos Islands) and a Lockheed C-130 in Cuzco. 


Here is a list of the newly added airports:


SKOT Remedios Colombia
SESC Sucua Colombia
SPAB Huancabamba Peru
SPJB Pampa Grande Peru
SPRM San Ramon Peru
SPVI Vicco Peru
SPHY Andahuaylas Peru
SPVL Caraveli Peru
SPNP Ventilla Peru
SLCC Copacabana Bolivia
SASQ La Quiaca Argentina
SLVG Vallegrande Bolivia
SLPO Potosi Peru
SPQT Iquitos Peru
SPBC Caballococha Peru
SBEG Manaus Brazil
SKSA Los Colonizadores Colombia



Other interesting airports in this area, which were already a destination, are Eduardo Falla Solano (SKSV), Tolemaida airbase (SKTI) in Colombia, and Quince Mille (SPIL)  in Peru. 




This means you have 20 airports on a relatively small distance from each other which will give you a good short flight with some nice scenery!


Mike Bravo

19/09/2013:  Aircess goes live!

Dear visitor,

As of the 20th of September 2013, Aircess is officially open for registrations. We are looking for adventurous pilots to sign up for us and travel around the world with our versatile fleet of aircraft. Join now and start the biggest virtual adventure in your flying career!



mike bravo

16/09/2013:  Aircess promo video

Here you can see the official promotion video for Aircess Virtual Airlines.

aircess virtual airlines promo by dailymotion

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