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Flight ACSUN-110071 From EBLG to EDDF
By Ronald De Ruijter (ACS081)
ACARS Status:Descent

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Recent awards

2018-01-22: Ronald De Ruijter
Airport Challenge: 10 different airports

2016-11-03: Mike Bravo
Airport Challenge: St.Maarten Certified Pilot (TNCM)

2016-06-21: Bernardo Chacin
Airport challenge: Bogota (SKBO)

2016-06-13: Bernardo Chacin
Airport Challenge: 10 different airports

2016-06-09: Bernardo Chacin
Airport challenge: Quito (SEQU)

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Newest Pilots

2018-02-04: ACS091 Andrea Lodovini

2017-12-03: ACS090 Anthony Fournier

2017-10-23: ACS089 Bachir Skender

2017-08-16: ACS088 Johann Keyser

2017-08-10: ACS087 Johannes Marthinus

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